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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

USB Broadband Care Tip

Modem is a hardware device or hardware that can be installed internally and externally so that we can access the Internet, especially if we use a PC or laptop computer. Various kinds of modems are many kinds of both internal and external, one of which is a USB Broadband. Types of Broadband USB modem is installed externally, and people like this type because it is very practical and mobile to carry anywhere. USB Mobile Broadband USB stick briefly similar to data storage, in addition to small size, appearance is also varied. The difference is USB Broadbrand contains a sim card which is attached as in the plane of the cell phone provider / carrier that provides Internet access services, either GSM or CDMA. Because often used it is not uncommon USB Broadband experienced distress or hang, so that sometimes make us upset when when activity suddenly connection is lost or can not download and upload data, and which became the target of our anger is usually the provider of the service provider. Though not necessarily a problem that causes the network operator, sometimes we forget where this is precisely the problem is on hardware devices or USB Broadband. So it requires attention and care, for that I will present some tips on caring for your USB Broadband remain durable and comfortable for use based on the experience I did, among which: 

1. Connect the USB Broadband in a position that fits with the plug / port of your computer, do not tilt or tip has not been entered as a whole.
2.  Get used to wait until there are signs of network conn signal, you just start browsing.
3.  Avoid direct contact or indirect heat.
4.  Do not place near a magnetic field.
5.  Avoid hard impact.
6.  Do not put in place a moist and juicy.
7. Close the USB always end with the closure of the meeting.
8.  If the use of more than 4 hours, disconnect it first and let sit for a while let hot new USB cooler you start connect again.
9. Do not accustomed to unplug USB when the status is still connect, disconnect better before new connections out / closed.
10. Clean the USB end of the dust and dirt at least once every three days.
11. If USB Broadband will not be used in a long time, remove the simcard from place to prevent fungal contamination which is common in boardnya circuit when not in use for too long.
12. Never open their own USB panel if not experts, because the circuitry in the USB Broadband very sensitive.
13. If there is any abnormality immediately ask to custumer service product concerned, if the warranty still ask for a better exchange rate with the new change.
14. Choose a product that is compatible with USB Broadband network internet service available and have good signal coverage of your premises, it can save energy is needed so that the working loading USB broadband not too heavy.
 15. Do not wear too long, try at least within one month of 1 hour used, so that no damp circuit that can make a rusty due to no heat flow.

Besides the things mentioned above in fact there are many ways to care for our Broadband USB into durable and long lasting, one not too long plugged in the port of your computer if it is not being used online, this is so hot computer components do not come creeping into place sim card installed in your USB Broadband which can cause melting of the sim card is located.

Oky ... good luck, if there are other tips you may add to the comment column!